Born in Texas, raised in Charlotte. I saved my allowance money for months to purchase my first computer (a Compaq) at the age of 9 andΒ Microsoft Paint became my go-to software for creatingΒ fan siteΒ mockups and MySpace layouts for my favorite artists at the time.
Fun fact: I actually made a Demi Lovato fan club music profile so convincing,Β their IRL friend commented on the page thinking it was really Demi/'s team. lmao
Then Twitter became a thing and I started making backgrounds and headers using PicnikΒ (online free photo-editing software), which I used for years until it shutdown; but luckily, Picmonkey popped up and I was able to continue making things.
Unfortunately, I went through a mid-life crisis and questioned my purpose in life (and thought, why should I become a designer if there's an abundance of them?) my senior year of high school and chose to pursue a degree in marketing instead of anything design related. Later on, I applied to and then graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design so I could continue doing what I've known my whole life. <3